I’m gonna die happy.

…and in love with a huge girl crush right now that might include a feel up when I see her in a few weeks *wink*. I tell you, it was tough to just find a one sentence snippet of this review, so I didn’t. I took a whole paragraph, wanted to take it all, but I managed to contain myself. Just barely.

I think the reason I connect with Keri’s work is because it FEELS real. It feels like someplace I’ve been before. When I read a Keri Ford book I just…feel. I feel love, annoyance, sadness. I laugh. A lot. The full array. I experience the sensations with the characters. I’m there with them. Keri’s writing is realistic, right down to her characters Googling sex acts. I find that this type of experience doesn’t happen often for me. In most books it feels like a movie in my head. I can see, hear and smell…but not feel. It’s nice to experience the difference with Keri’s work.

thank you so so so much to Nikki Brandyberry at Ramblings From A Chaotic Mind for your very lovely review of In The Hay.

I’ve mentioned several times that In The Hay was my favorite of the Apple Trail series and that I just adore the heroine and was terrifed I wouldn’t be able to get her on the page right. In the days before the release, I was still working on Nicolette and worrying and all but chewing the tips of my fingers off she wasn’t going to come across right.

Another chick I would like to hug and cop a sneak attack feel on is Rebecca Wolfe over at Beck’s Book Picks.

One reason I love Keri’s work so much is that you get a short novella to read but it reads like a 400 page book. She writes so well and you get so involved in her story. This book was no exception. … I  was drawn to Nicolette as a character. I wanted to take her under my wing and show her the ways. Drew felt the same way and I think he just let her experience life and let her make decisions.

Getting Nicolette’s character right was one of the toughest writing challenges I’ve ever had to face and I didn’t do it alone. I thanked them in the book, but am again giving a shout out to critique partner KJ Reed and my editor Jacquie Daher for all their hard work in getting this story turned in what it became.

In The Hay is the third novella in the Uninhibited in Apple Trail, Arkansas series. It may be part of a series, but this novella stands all on it’s own and is available in eformat for $1.99. If you’re new to the series, but don’t like reading out of order, check out Uninhibited in Apple Trail, Arkansas Volume 1. The print ($13.99) and Digital edition ($4.99) includes Through The Wall, On The Fence, and In The Hay.