Pie. that’s hot

this is basically a tweet that got too long…again. When I wrote this part in, I thought it was the hero who loved pie….now I’m not so sure who loves it more.

“Cherry? Lemon, lime, banana, coconut cream?” She looked down, her lips twisted and she bit at her lower one. “Um, sweet potato. Pumpkin, oh my God, I can’t wait for fall so I can make fresh pumpkin pie. It’s just creamy and sweet. Spiced like Christmas and smooth like cheesecake.”

Lane’s tongue was thick in his mouth as she talked. Her eyes were glazed as she went on about different kinds of pies and their “full bodied” tastes.

“Ohh, yeah.” Her lips were parted, cheeks pink.

There was a good chance she just had an orgasm on his couch talking about pie. He cleared his throat, needing to get away from that topic. Far, far away. “Ever met a pie you don’t like?”


“That’s got to be un-American.”

Her eyes squeezed shut. “I know. But they’re so crunchy. They should be bars, not pie.”

What’s your favorite kind of pie? And who wants pie now?