My advice to new writers

Please welcome, Lacey Wolfe to the blog today! She’s a brand new, talented debut author. I’ve had the pleasure of reading Lacey’s work and am SO THRILLED she made her first sale!!

I have been asked a few times if I had any advice for new writers. I scratched my head and wondered, why are you asking me? I am a brand spankin’ new author myself. Then I thought, maybe I do have some advice. This is all fresh in my head and maybe I just might have something useful to say.

The first thing I would say, forget the word aspiring if you’re using it. If you’re writing, then you’re a writer. Maybe you aspire to be published, but you aren’t for writing. Believe in yourself first and others will follow.

My next suggestion would be to get on twitter. At first I even thought authors would be sort of like celebs, stuck on themselves. Nope, wrong. They are super sweet and accepting. In fact, they want to congratulate you and see you succeed! Authors aren’t selfish and want all the glory for only themselves. The community on twitter is just awesome. If you’re having a bad day, there are surly five authors there to tell you they went through this too and it will get better. Share your rejections with them, and they laugh. They get them too and you will survive.

Another piece of advice is to submit your story and expect rejection. Rejection letters are never mean. The publisher never tells you flat out you suck. They tell you where you could improve. My first novella Amber’s Muse had about ten drafts before it was finally accepted. I learned so much from fellow authors and the rejection letters.

And my last piece of advice would be to find a few supportive readers who will be honest. You need someone who can say, “No, that didn’t work.” Instead of someone who just says, “It was great.” Remember, you want to get published, so you need to be critiqued.

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