It’s Leanne Banks!

Ya’ll, I’m so stoked to have the very lovely, Leanne Banks here! Give her a warm welcome, you got it? Cause one of the commenters will pick up one of her books and you don’t want to miss that!


I’m so happy to be visiting the cyber home of our fab, sassy Keri!:) I met her before twitter, but have really enjoyed learning all about her cooking and writing and (shhhh) power outages via twitter. She’s so much fun, and she was very sweet to invite me to visit. I’m also a writer and my Harlequin Special Edition, A MAVERICK FOR CHRISTMAS, has just hit the stands. Squee! Toward the end of the book, hero Cade Pritchett FINALLY comes to his senses (bless his heart, men can be so slow), and professes his love to heroine Abby. He does this in a public place while standing on a table.

This got me to thinking about public proposals and professions of love. Did you hear the recent story about the couple who got engaged while traveling on the same Delta flight where they met years ago? Must confess, the video brought me to tears. At the same time, I can’t help thinking how awkward it could get if the woman said no. Yikes! And then there’s that fun commercial where the guy is using a sky writer message from an airplane, and the woman misses the first sighting so he has to race off to the next place to catch the plane. The young man who proposed to one of my family members set up a kind of scavenger hunt where she followed directions on cards until she found him on the third floor where he greeted her with roses and a diamond, then fixed dinner for her! That’s a winner in my eyes!

So here’s my question. What was your proposal like? Do you know anyone who had a public proposal? How did it work out? One responder will receive a copy of one of my single titles. I can’t wait to see your responses! xo, Leanne