NEW from ME!

So excited to say Exes And Emotions, Turtle Pine 3 is in the wild! A print version is coming soon! I’m waiting on a couple things to happen before I can release it. If print is your jam, I am so very sorry, but it is coming! A link for Barnes And Noble is also coming. I’ve been sitting on this post all day waiting on B&N to post it live in their store, but so far they haven’t.

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Because there are always two sides to every story…

High school sweethearts became broken hearts when Reed Ingalls and Tina Violet rip apart at the seams. All grown up and years later, a project for the local school forces them back together.

Neither wants to be there, but as the air is cleared on their past, they find that old familiar chemistry drawing them close. Sliding into their old rhythm shines light on their previous problems.

Reed wants answers and Tina would rather keep the lid tight on her shameful secrets. To mend their hearts, these exes will have to listen to their emotions if they want to find happiness.

Backdrops may not be the only thing getting a touch of glue in this third installment of the Turtle Pine Series.


Hope you enjoy this addition to Turtle Pine!!