Fairy Tale Fridays! Introducing: Snow White

It’s Friday and that means, I’m starting something new!

As White As Sand With LogoWelcome to Fairy Tale Fridays! It’s where I talk about my all new series, Fairy Tales In A Small Town. First up? What exactly does that mean?! Am I leaving contemporary romance for romantic fantasy?


Fairy Tales In A Small Town are very literally, fairy tales told in a small town world. I took the fun story elements of the original fairy tales and tweaked them for a modern, contemporary retelling. All the wicked stepsisters and moms, but none of the magic in the mirrors.

Coming *next week* (oh my gosh, it’s here already!) is Snow White in AS WHITE AS SAND. It’s set in the amazing world of Roxanne St Claire‘s Barefoot Bay.

But…if there are no fantasy elements, what about the 7 dwarfs?!

I hear you, but no worries, Snow has 7 other little guys following her about who save her and point her in a new direction in life.

And that whole most beautiful of all with a wildly jealous stepmother who wants to reign supreme in the beauty world? Got that too!

What about that Huntsman who works for the evil queen, but has a loving heart under him? Got him too.

The dashing prince who wakes Snow and escorts her into her happily ever after? He’s totally there too.

I’ll be at the Kindle World Launch NEXT WEEK on Facebook spilling all the details on Snow White’s book. I’ll be in the 8pm EST slot and prizes will be given away all that day! Join us! If you can’t make the times, don’t worry the posts and prizes will be available for a day or two after the event ends.