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Limited Edition BIG BUNDLE!

Get the entire Apple Trail and Roughneck Series in one easy Limited Edition Bundle. Available now until May 2017 for only $5.99.

That’s over 300,000 words of small town contemporary romance all tucked in one easy place.

Amazon | B&N | iBookstore | GooglePlay | Kobo | Scribd | 24Symbols | Inktera | !ndigo

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Fairy Tales Release: Rapunzel!!

It’s here!! I’m so excited to begin this new series!!

keriford_letdownyourheart_800Fun fact: An eighteen-year-old boy having racy pictures of his seventeen-year-old girlfriend is against the law. Jacob Brimm is handed the option to leave their small town or face legal action from his girlfriend’s mother. He vows to return for Violet, but hearing she married and started a family quickly after his departure, Jacob gives up on their happily ever after. Only when work brings him home twelve years later does he return, bitterness weighing heavily in his heart.

Violet Gothel doesn’t know why Jacob is angry. He abandoned her. He left her pregnant with their twins to raise alone and he didn’t answer her calls. When Jacob sees his son, the manipulation tactics used by Violet’s mother begin to untangle. While they put the pieces together, Violet can’t help but fear what else her mother has done with her carefully built tower of lies.

LET DOWN YOUR HEART is a retelling of the classic Rapunzel fairy tale set in a small town contemporary romance atmosphere.

Get your copy now from Amazon | iTunes | Kobo | B&N


*Netgalley available November 4.

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Fairy Tales Cover Reveal: Rapunzel!

keriford_letdownyourheart_800So excited about this one!

Let Down Your Heart is a retelling of the classic Rapunzel fairy tale set in a small town contemporary romance atmosphere.

Pre-Order now for only $0.99 Amazon | iTunes | Kobo |

October 30, 2016


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Fairy Tales Release: Snow White!

Welcome To

BB Logo jpg version

Have you read Roxanne St. Claire’s Barefoot Bay series? I’m so excited to take part in a fabulous program call Kindle Worlds. It’s where I write a book set in another author’s world! That means I got to frolic through Roxanne’s white shores of Barefoot Bay for my next release to give a taste of my all new series!

I’m so pleased to say As White As Sand is now available!


snow white retold tall


When Sophia White’s wicked stepmother attempts to nab complete control of Kingdom Cosmetics with trickery, Sophia flees the downtown Manhattan apartment for the shores of Barefoot Bay until she can have an opportunity to take her deceased parents’ company back. There she winds up with seven adorable pets and the idea to start a pet spa at the local upscale resort, The Casa Blanca.

While Sophia made her escape, she isn’t forgotten. Her stepmother seethes in her penthouse apartment and plots for control of Kingdom Cosmetics. Waiting until the time is right, she sends a man as her poisoned apple to do her bidding.

Peirce Chase may be treated like a huntsman, but he’s not going to (metaphorically) stab Sophia in the heart. He loves her too much. But Peirce can’t just walk away. The evil wannabe queen has blackmailed him into working for her. If he can’t convince Sophia to sign over her shares of the company, he’s off to jail for a murder he didn’t commit.

Falling into an idyllic romance at the beach wasn’t in either of their plans and it may be the thing that shatters them both.

AS WHITE AS SAND is a retelling of the classic Snow White fairy tale set in a small town contemporary romance atmosphere.


puppies with quote

This book is exclusive to Amazon only, BUT you don’t have to own a Kindle to read books from Amazon! There are a number of ways you can read Amazon e-books. The EASIEST way is to go to your app store (available on phones and tablets) and download the FREE Kindle App. Log into your Amazon account (or create one) and you’re all set! You can also download a FREE app and read on your computer screen! More information can be found here.

And no! My other books, or the upcoming Fairy Tales In A Small Town series, is not going to be Amazon only. It’s just a Kindle World book. Kindle Worlds is an exclusive program created by Amazon. The first Fairy Tales In A Small Town book is scheduled to release in October. As White As Sand is an introduction to what this new series is all about. It will completely stand-alone from the rest of the series, but I hope you check it out!

bb l2

11 authors are in this Barefoot Bay Launch! Join us all day at our Facebook Event. You can win many prizes and 3 Kindles are up for grabs! If you can’t make the actual event, the posts will be available for several days so you can still enter.

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Fairy Tale Fridays! Introducing: Snow White

It’s Friday and that means, I’m starting something new!

As White As Sand With LogoWelcome to Fairy Tale Fridays! It’s where I talk about my all new series, Fairy Tales In A Small Town. First up? What exactly does that mean?! Am I leaving contemporary romance for romantic fantasy?


Fairy Tales In A Small Town are very literally, fairy tales told in a small town world. I took the fun story elements of the original fairy tales and tweaked them for a modern, contemporary retelling. All the wicked stepsisters and moms, but none of the magic in the mirrors.

Coming *next week* (oh my gosh, it’s here already!) is Snow White in AS WHITE AS SAND. It’s set in the amazing world of Roxanne St Claire‘s Barefoot Bay.

But…if there are no fantasy elements, what about the 7 dwarfs?!

I hear you, but no worries, Snow has 7 other little guys following her about who save her and point her in a new direction in life.

And that whole most beautiful of all with a wildly jealous stepmother who wants to reign supreme in the beauty world? Got that too!

What about that Huntsman who works for the evil queen, but has a loving heart under him? Got him too.

The dashing prince who wakes Snow and escorts her into her happily ever after? He’s totally there too.

I’ll be at the Kindle World Launch NEXT WEEK on Facebook spilling all the details on Snow White’s book. I’ll be in the 8pm EST slot and prizes will be given away all that day! Join us! If you can’t make the times, don’t worry the posts and prizes will be available for a day or two after the event ends.


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NEW from ME!

So excited to say Exes And Emotions, Turtle Pine 3 is in the wild! A print version is coming soon! I’m waiting on a couple things to happen before I can release it. If print is your jam, I am so very sorry, but it is coming! A link for Barnes And Noble is also coming. I’ve been sitting on this post all day waiting on B&N to post it live in their store, but so far they haven’t.

ExesAndEmotions-AmazonAmazon B&N | iBookstore Kobo | GooglePlay Scribd

Because there are always two sides to every story…

High school sweethearts became broken hearts when Reed Ingalls and Tina Violet rip apart at the seams. All grown up and years later, a project for the local school forces them back together.

Neither wants to be there, but as the air is cleared on their past, they find that old familiar chemistry drawing them close. Sliding into their old rhythm shines light on their previous problems.

Reed wants answers and Tina would rather keep the lid tight on her shameful secrets. To mend their hearts, these exes will have to listen to their emotions if they want to find happiness.

Backdrops may not be the only thing getting a touch of glue in this third installment of the Turtle Pine Series.


Hope you enjoy this addition to Turtle Pine!!




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Looking for happy sigh making, adorable, palate cleaning romance? Stop here!

Tequila And Tingles is now available!!

“I was actually giggling, it was that cute.” 

“I definitely recommend this book to readers who enjoy small town romance.” 

“I still smiled when I put it down. All in all, it’s adorable.”

“Ms. Ford had me choked up with laughter”

Grab it now from:  Samhain Amazon | B&N | iBookstore Kobo | GooglePlay |AllRomanceEbooks

Love doesn’t hang around in the shallow end. You have to dive deep for it.

Turtle Pine, Book 2

TequilaAndTinglesTequila shots 1, Beth Revlin 0.

No respectable single mom wakes up in a stranger’s hotel room with no memory of what happened the night before. When Beth does just that, she willingly takes the walk—more like a sprint—of shame, rather than face her humiliation.

Then Mr. One Night Stand turns out to be Mr. New Swim Coach to her five-year-old daughter. Holding her head high and pretending nothing happened seems like a good plan.

Olympic gold medalist Jason Johnson plans to stay in Turtle Pine just long enough to recharge his batteries. But Beth and her painfully shy little girl touch something in the depths of his soul. Besides, he needs to return Beth’s shoes without inciting small-town gossip—and tell her the truth about that night.

Beth can’t deny she’s attracted, but she’s not just guarding her own heart. She’s guarding her children’s hearts as well. If Jason captures them only to walk away, the pain he’ll leave in his wake could be more than she can handle.

Warning: Contains an Olympic swimmer who’s got his strokes down to a science, and a single mom who’s seriously considering jumping into the deep end.

Grab it now from:  Samhain Amazon | B&N | iBookstore Kobo | GooglePlay |AllRomanceEbooks


**If you’re a reviewer with an established blog who cross posts to amazon, B&N, ect and you missed out on this one but you want it now? email me and I will hook you up! authorkeriford@gmail.com

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“A romance that made feel all warm and fuzzy.”

title quote from Book Gannet’s review

If you’re on the hunt for a serious, meaty romance—THEN STOP READING HERE. Cupcakes And Crushes is as light and fun as the title. A comfort read, a palate cleanser. You like Hallmark movies? This is the book for you!!

CupcakesAndCrushes300Sometimes there is enough sweet to make up for the bitter.

Turtle Pine, Book 1

Years ago, a broken heart sent Annie Cookie running from home, and she’s never looked back—until now. Her grandpa’s broken wrist means the family bakery is at risk of losing two big orders.

Reluctantly, Annie returns to Turtle Pine to help out, only to discover it’s not just seven hundred cupcakes she has to bake, but also a wedding cake for the half-sister who stole her high-school sweetheart. Annie left town to get away from her sister. No way is she getting mixed up with her again. Once the cupcakes are done, she’s outta there.

Back in high school, Cade Revlin hid his crush on his brother’s girl, but when his brother dumped Annie for another Cookie sister, Annie slipped through his fingers and out of town. Now that she’s back, he’s determined to give her a reason to stay.

He’s got one week to change her mind. Or she’ll be gone in a cloud of powdered sugar.

Warning: Contains small-town meddling, family drama and all the necessary ingredients for a second chance at love—if they have the guts to turn up the heat.

Get it Now From Amazon | B&N | iBookstore Kobo | GooglePlay | Samhain


Oh, dear heavens, Turtle Pine, Alabama. Home of the fierce Snapping Turtles. Their biggest claim to fame was consecutively winning the AA basketball state tournament for ten years straight.

Get. Me. Out. Of. Here.

The only reason Annie wasn’t breathing in a paper bag while waiting for her suitcase to come around the baggage carousel, was because she knew she was only sticking around long enough to do a favor. Then it was back to the highly acclaimed bakery she worked at, where the booking for weddings was currently eighteen months in advance.

Step one of getting out of Turtle Pine the fastest was finding her ride to her grandparents’ house. There was no tall, slender woman with an eye out for a hot date impatiently waiting for her. Not that Annie was shocked, but she had hoped for once her half-sister Tina would have something together besides her shirt matching her shoes.

Annie aimed her phone away from the sunlight pouring in through the glass front windows of Turtle Pine’s regional airport. She scrolled through her contacts in a game of eeny, meeny, miny, moe in hopes of finding a ride from the airport to her grandparents. Her grandma didn’t drive anymore, and Grandpa was uncomfortable going much farther than the grocery store with his broken wrist. Annie had two other half-sisters she could choose from, but she was only fine with calling one of them. Sadly, that sister didn’t live in Turtle Pine. Out of four sisters, Mary was the only one who hadn’t been raised by their grandparents.

Contact list it was. A total introvert who’d been gone from town for years? Annie sighed and scrolled some more. As if there wasn’t enough fun packed into coming back home, it was surely about to get even more so. She shielded the screen with a magazine and attempted to tilt it a little more to choose from slim pickings when the shadow of a man moved over her.

“Annie?” The shadow belonged to a tall man who appeared to have shopped at Camouflage, Mud and More. His brow lifted a touch as his head tipped to the side. “Annie Cookie?”

That was her. Now who was he and—wow. She rubbed a hand under her nose to get a refreshing whiff of her hand lotion. He must be three days late for a shower. Once upon a time, you could have found her looking and smelling like that. She would have been making one of those goofy in-love grins through every last minute of it. The very thought of it flipped her stomach. She couldn’t pin down if it was butterflies or nausea. They were simultaneously good and bad memories. “That’s me.”

His smile broadened. “You’ve changed since high school. I would give you a hug, but I’m so nasty.”

He extended a grimy hand her way. There was something about his face that was vaguely, sort of familiar. By his greeting, she was one hundred percent sure she was supposed to recognize him. But her mind was all blank. Fake smile it was as she accepted his hand. Dear, God, please let her put a name to his face soon. …continued on Cupcakes And Crushes page


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Snowed In? Win A Book!

Are you snowed in? Or…maybe you’re just stuck at work. Either way, enter for you chance to win an early copy of Cupcakes And Crushes! Or maybe you’re none of those things. Still enter to help me figure out how to use Rafflecopter for the first time! It’s all a win no matter where you look!

CC wina Rafflecopter giveaway

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Do you use Goodreads?

Do you GoodreadsDid you know that I giveaway free copies of my upcoming releases to people who have added my book to a Goodreads shelf? Meaning, if you add Cupcakes And Crushes to a shelf between now and when it releases in April, then there’s a chance you’ll win a free early copy!! The earlier you add, the more chances you have of winning!

Click Here To Add Cupcakes And Crushes To Your Shelf!


ETA: Reviewers, grab your copy from NetGalley!

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