A Thanksgiving book just in time for Thanksgiving!

all I want is you 713x1134For the US, Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Our friends to the north recently celebrated theirs.

Thanksgiving is here. The holiday season is here! That means a lot of things, but to readers, that means–Holiday Books! Bookstores will soon be bursting with holiday books. Many are shorter–because we have less time! Some are even cheaper–we have less money! 30lb turkeys and ham empty the pocketbook! Not to mention Christmas is almost on us!

So I say take a break from it all. Sit back for just a few minutes and enjoy the holidays doing something you like to do–READ! My new story, All I Want Is You is now available–

She could still leave, right now, if she wanted to. Put a stop to this, keep her good, well-behaved, wait-a-month-into-the-relationship panties on and leave. Dear God, the very idea of walking out of here was downright laughable. 

Tasha Parks dropped out of college, cashed in her savings and opened an ice cream store. All her energy should be going into that store. There’s just one problem. Patrick Abington. Handsome, sweet and oh so shy, all Tasha wants for Christmas is him.

Patrick has had his eye on Tasha since she moved to town and opened the only ice cream store for miles. Being flat broke has kept him from asking her out. When a friend gets them in the same room, he can’t back away. Desperate not to let her go, it’s time to think out of the box for ways he can win her heart.

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There’s a few things that make All I Want Is You the *perfect* holiday book.

1- It’s only .99. That’s right. .99. Less than a cup of coffee at most places and it lasts even longer than one!

2- It’s perfect for reading *right now* because…there’s a Thanksgiving scene! You want to know what Thanksgiving is like for the Fords? You can get a pretty good look at it from this book.

3-It’s about 44,000-words. So it’s meaty to keep you entertained, but short enough to fit in your busy schedule.

4-Oh this is my favorite. There’s a two chapter excerpt of my upcoming release–Never Stopped Loving You at the end. Yes, TWO chapters. there’s only one here on my website. It’s the only place you can see that second chapter.

5-I’ve been talking about my new series, Chester Farms for about a year now. If you want a quick peek at the Chesters, All I Want Is You will do that for you.

And there’s still the ice cream, the shy hero, the nervous heroine and all those other good parts too! Oh heck, how about a little clip from the story–

Chapter One

Patrick Abington checked his email and text messages for an update every other second and got nothing. Again. Sit in a parking lot looking like aall I want is you 713x1134 creeper? That could be checked off the bucket list that never existed. It was either that, or go inside the ice cream shop and wait.

Where he’d have to talk…to her.

His throat tightened at just the idea of carrying on actual conversation beyond asking for two scoops of ice cream. Nerves chewed up his gut and spit it out like a chump. He readjusted in his truck seat and refreshed his phone because going inside alone—not happening. If he just tended to his phone and sent messages to his friend who was late, he wouldn’t look as crazy. Every time he stared at the bright screen stating no new messages though, his head was all but pulled against his will to lift so he could look through the store front windows to see her again.

Her hair was as dark as the waffle cone she held in her hand and lips matched the cherries decorating the walls. While he didn’t know for sure, he was positive her skin was sweet like the chocolate chip cookie dough he occasionally ordered. It just had to be. Creamy, white skin with a light dusting of freckles over her nose seemed like the perfect fit. Then there was her voice. Sweet and so soft. Just wrapped a hug around a man and sucked him in. Forget the cherry topping off his order, when she handed his ice cream across the counter with that smile beaming from her eyes, he turned into a stumbling idiot trying to walk out of there.

A shiver went through him and he returned to refreshing his texts once again to see where in the hell Whitney had gotten off to. She was supposed to meet him here half an hour ago and the ice cream shop was closing in five minutes. Knowing Whitney, she could be distracted by a marathon of trashy TV or playing games on the computer.

He leaned back in his seat for a look down the road to see if there were any headlights, but he got nothing. He shot off another text to her, and her brother this time, and waited.

Time ticked over for another five minutes.

Nothing. Unable to help himself, he glanced back to those store windows to see Tasha by the front wiping down a table and putting chairs on top of the white, shiny surfaces. There had to be a dozen tables in there with four or more chairs at each one. She was in there all by herself, doing that all alone.

While he sat out here. Doing nothing but staring. Hell. He shut off his truck and stepped out.

As often as a fool this one woman made him feel, he couldn’t just sit in his truck while she was doing all that heavy lifting. All those chairs. Not that she couldn’t handle them, but if he sat in his truck, then he became a creeper and a lazy son of a gun. The latter just wasn’t going to happen.

all I want is you 713x1134The metal bar of the front door was blessedly cold against his sweaty palms as he pushed it open. The bell dinged a familiar welcome as he stepped into the much needed air conditioning.

Not that it was hot outside. It was November and in the sixties. Problem was, it heated about a thousand degrees under his skin at the sight of her polka-dotted apron strings dangling over the sweet curves of her ass. He made a point to clear his throat so not to have a repeat of that one time his voice cracked when he tried talking to her.


If you want the rest of the scene, you can dig around on my website for it. Or just grab it for .99 right now!

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Sometimes y’all are so much better at this than me.

Okay, probably a lot of times. Want some honesty? I’m one of those authors who reads her reviews. I know, I know, some authors are all like NO!!!! but I do. I love to be flattered (joke. nevermind, I lie. I was being honest. I love flattery.). But really, I do read them because I love knowing what people think. It’s a part of people watching. And sometimes I come across great nuggets of things.


Things where readers say things SO MUCH BETTER than I ever could.

It would be hard to listen through a wall. When the person on the other side is who you really want.Peaches

So if you’re ever browsing my site, don’t be surprised to come across something you’ve said that I’ve linked back to. Because y’all are awesome like that. And that quote? It’s about my book Through The Wall, that’s FREE!


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This week in Keri’s life.

This post could also be titled as “Watch Keri Procrastinate” but then if my editor is watching there’s that whole guilt thing I’ll have to deal will. So we’re just going to dress this post up as a week in my life (or summary, more or less, if you follow me elsewhere on this fast-paced web thing) and it becomes marketing or something.

I smell a winner!

So anyway. This week–

It’s FAIR WEEK!!! Yes. So excited. Can’t wait for tonight so I can nab some funnel cake and a caramel apple. It’s the only reason I live for the fair. Fun fact, on son’s field trip to the fair to watch the exhibit, another mom got bit on the butt by a goat. True Story. Glad she had jeans on, cause that would have hurt in my yoga pants.

I harvested my first pumpkin from the garden and pureed it. Oh heavenly scent! That sweetheart will be pie for my family reunion next weekend!

And Pup caught a mouse. Even though it was cornered in the bottom of a bathroom trashcan, SHE CAUGHT A MOUSE. I’ve been trying to get her to learn what “EEAAAAAKKKKK!!!!! FLUFFFFFFFF!!!!! GET THE MOUSE!!! GET IT!!!” means for about two months now. Up to this point she would just hide in her bed at this scream. (okay, and even this point. I had to coax her to it. She doesn’t like loud screaming. Once she saw what was going on though, she was all over it.) I think she got it. She was ridiculously pleased with herself as she played with her new toy in the yard.

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Last Chance at .99 over Labor Day Weekend!

My .99 re-release sale is almost over! I’m extending it through the holiday weekend so don’t wait and grab In The Hay now!


It’s been a White Picket Fence life for Nicolette. Charming but tedious. She graduated high school, raring to go. Nothing is ever as easy Hay 677x1000as it seems, though. The fear of being stuck in a rut, living a dull day-to-day life, keeps Nicolette from settling on a career despite her six years of college. When the chance arrives for her to house sit, she takes opportunity by the horns for some playtime. She would finally experience life and find something to make her happy.

Drew knows exactly what he wants. To run the family construction business. Too bad his dad doesn’t think he’s ready. They make a deal: Drew will help his cousin put up a new fence and after he’s learned hard work, the construction business is his. Drew’s not sure why learning to string a fence together will see him suitable for a career of paper pushing, but he’ll do it.

When Drew meets the wanna-be-free-spirited Nicolette in the small town of Apple Trail, Arkansas, his determined thoughts of what he’s always worked for begins to sway. Nicolette’s finding the fun in life during their temporary relationship. After she gets a taste of what living is supposed to be, how will either of them walk away?

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Bundle 1

Or maybe you’re new to Apple Trail and want to catch up in the cheapest and easiest (two of my favorite things!) way? Grab Through The Wall, On The Fence and In The Hay in this bundle for only $3.99!

Get it from: Amazon | B&N | | Apple | Kobo | All Romance Ebooks



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What’s that say?

I’m having a kid day with Son. He’s got a big test this afternoon, so we’re just taking it easy. Then he pulls out this lego (that I believe came from a Ninja-go set) and asks what it says. I speak English and that’s about it other some sprinkling of Spanish thanks in large part to Dora and Diego.

So…any ideas? I think it might be Japanese (IF the piece came from a Ninja-go set) as the Ninja-go series is based on a former series that was set in feudal Japan(according to the ever not-to-trusty Wikipedia!). that’s all I have going for me. any ideas?

lego symbols

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Julie Anne Lindsey: Freaking People From my Past. Could You Warn a Girl?

Julie Anne Lindsey: Freaking People From my Past. Could You Warn a Girl?

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A little redneck engineering to get some AC going in this camper while I work.

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Dh washing my car while I sit inside with the radio and air. Cue song- working at the car wash….

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Got the husband working for me!

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Not cool

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