Apple Trail

New Apple Trail Release!!!

Making Her Nights, fourth in Apple Trail, Arkansas is NOW AVAILABLE!!!

Love love love this book! Oh, Tiffany and Mike just set my keyboard on fire while writing them! As I wrote this story, I was continually taken back to when I wrote Through The Wall. Both of these novellas seemlying wrote themselves with very little trouble and the tension between the two characters are just OFF. THE. CHARTS. ….in my opinion, anyway 🙂

He never loses control and she always tests the rules.

Chief Deputy Mike Gabel is the man in charge in Apple Trail. No one gives him more trouble than a certain blonde. While her stunts are frustrating to deal with, it’s the constant way she keeps him trapped in knots.

Tiffany McBride has a reputation for being a trouble maker. She’s been betting and causing trouble since her parents died when she was a teenager. What looks like a young woman sowing her oats, it’s actually desperate measures to gamble for extra money to put food on the table.

When these two acknowledge their attraction, sparks fly…that is if Mike’s public position can survive Tiffany’s frowned upon reputation.

The official release date isn’t until Monday, June 20th, so it’s still popping up here and there. As of the moment, it’s available for $1.99 from  Amazon Kindle | Smashwords | All Romance Ebooks and Omnilit

Want to know more? The first two and half (or thereabouts) chapters are posted HERE!

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Apple Trail Week!

Hop over to Pearl’s World Of Romance! She’s having me for Apple Trail Week! There’s reviews, posts by me, a video reading coming up and prizes!

All you have to do is comment at Pearl’s blog to be entered!

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I’m gonna die happy.

…and in love with a huge girl crush right now that might include a feel up when I see her in a few weeks *wink*. I tell you, it was tough to just find a one sentence snippet of this review, so I didn’t. I took a whole paragraph, wanted to take it all, but I managed to contain myself. Just barely.

I think the reason I connect with Keri’s work is because it FEELS real. It feels like someplace I’ve been before. When I read a Keri Ford book I just…feel. I feel love, annoyance, sadness. I laugh. A lot. The full array. I experience the sensations with the characters. I’m there with them. Keri’s writing is realistic, right down to her characters Googling sex acts. I find that this type of experience doesn’t happen often for me. In most books it feels like a movie in my head. I can see, hear and smell…but not feel. It’s nice to experience the difference with Keri’s work.

thank you so so so much to Nikki Brandyberry at Ramblings From A Chaotic Mind for your very lovely review of In The Hay.

I’ve mentioned several times that In The Hay was my favorite of the Apple Trail series and that I just adore the heroine and was terrifed I wouldn’t be able to get her on the page right. In the days before the release, I was still working on Nicolette and worrying and all but chewing the tips of my fingers off she wasn’t going to come across right.

Another chick I would like to hug and cop a sneak attack feel on is Rebecca Wolfe over at Beck’s Book Picks.

One reason I love Keri’s work so much is that you get a short novella to read but it reads like a 400 page book. She writes so well and you get so involved in her story. This book was no exception. … I  was drawn to Nicolette as a character. I wanted to take her under my wing and show her the ways. Drew felt the same way and I think he just let her experience life and let her make decisions.

Getting Nicolette’s character right was one of the toughest writing challenges I’ve ever had to face and I didn’t do it alone. I thanked them in the book, but am again giving a shout out to critique partner KJ Reed and my editor Jacquie Daher for all their hard work in getting this story turned in what it became.

In The Hay is the third novella in the Uninhibited in Apple Trail, Arkansas series. It may be part of a series, but this novella stands all on it’s own and is available in eformat for $1.99. If you’re new to the series, but don’t like reading out of order, check out Uninhibited in Apple Trail, Arkansas Volume 1. The print ($13.99) and Digital edition ($4.99) includes Through The Wall, On The Fence, and In The Hay.

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New ReleaseS (yes, plural!!)

Woot! I am so excited to see In The Hay is now available!!!! It’s the third story in my Apple Trail series and this heroine holds a special place with me. I’m so thrilled by it. I hope you all enjoy it too. I’ll do a post up in a second with an exceprt and stuff..but I just have so much to share, I can’t wait for another day!

I’m coming to print!! Through The Wall, On The Fence, and In The Hay are all coming as a combined print anthology for Uninhibited In Apple Trail, Arkansas Part 1. Also? they’ll be in a DIGITAL anthology available for $4.99. That’s right! If you haven’t started the series, this bundle is your perfect chance.  At $4.99, the bundle is cheapter than to buy them seperately!

And just in case you missed it, there was new gossip posted at Apple Blossom’s over the weekend!!

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The Latest At Apple Blossom’s

 The best gossip in Apple Trail can be found at…

Lucille fluffed the edges of Stephanie Faulkner’s hair. “I think it looks fabulous.”

Stephanie turned in the mirror. “I knew it would. You do magic with hair. Thanks for getting me in this morning. Planning this vacation is about to kill me!”

“When did you say you were leaving again?”

Her eyes lit up. “Tomorrow around lunch. A whole week at the beach! Just me and Parker. Can’t wait!”

Lucille pulled the apron off and decided not to ask if there was a secret beach wedding she’d been planning, too. Just wasn’t right to be living together like they were without being married—or even engaged! Living in sin…people just weren’t raised right these days. Weren’t even engaged either. Not that a ring on the finger without a commitment before God would make it better, but it would be a step. They could at least be married on a post-it like them people on tv, but nope. Can’t even do that either. “I’m sure it’s going to be lovely. Are ya’ll taking that big dog?”

Stephanie shuddered. “Goodness, no. Thank God. A cousin of mine is coming in. She’s going to stay for the week and watch the house, take care of the dog.”

“Oh? Have we met her?”

Stephanie dug in her purse. “I don’t think so. Her name is Nicolette. She’s a real sweet, mostly shy girl. Studies hard in college and so forth. I doubt you’ll hear a peep out of her the whole time with her nose buried in school books.”

“Good place to be.” Sounded like a smart sensible girl.

Stephanie’s smile faltered a bit. “I suppose. It’s $30, right?”

“That’s it.” Stephanie paid and flung her bag over her shoulder. “Thanks again.”

“Don’t worry about it! It’s good to see you and thanks for bringing the muffins!”

“You bet!”

Stephanie went out the door in a flurry as Barbara and Charlene entered. Charlene watched her bounce down the sidewalk and climb in her pickup. “She’s bubbly this morning.”

“Well of course.” Lucille refreshed her coffee. “I just fixed her hair up.”

Barbara fell into a chair and reached for a mug of coffee. “I don’t ever look like that when I leave here. Oh, muffins, thank god, I’m starving. Turkey season this morning. James was up late working on his gun and crawling out of bed at dawn and opening windows to listen for turkeys.”

“Eww. Love my Bill, God rest his soul, but I don’t miss those times.” Lucille sipped from her coffee. “Stephanie is leaving tomorrow to go on vacation. That’s why she’s so bouncy.”

“Her and Parker?” Charlene sat and grabbed a muffin, too.

Lucille stayed out of them. After what that Maddie James told her a couple weeks about them two having sex on the counter, Lucille wouldn’t be eating anything of Stephanie’s for a while now. “Yep.”

“Lord, you’d think they’d get married already.” Barbara shook her head.

Plum embarrassing.”

“You’d think they’d be pregnant already.” Charlene bit into her muffin and talked around it. 

“I just don’t get it. You know Riley Hamilton still has his new girlfriend living with him. Just the same way!” Lucille reached for another package of sugar. “And Stephanie and Shellie are both just adorable girls.”

“Stephanie and Shellie have become great friends too.” Charlene folded her empty muffin wrapper up.

“I imagine so. They got a lot in common.” Barbara straightened in her chair.

“Sinners. The both of them. And I always thought Riley was such a sweet boy. I guess this a good thing though. That big dumb dog of Stephanie’s will likely stay at the farm with Shellie.” 

Lucille shook her head. “Said her cousin was coming in to watch their dog. Sounded like a sweet girl. Studies a lot and so forth.”

“Ugh.” Barbara huffed. “They ought to take that stupid dog and leave it at the beach when they come back. He gets out sometimes and sleeps in my flower beds. I’ll stomp at him and everything to get him out of my bushes and he rolls over to his back like he wants me to rub his stomach!”

“If I were you, I’d file a complaint.” Charlene nodded. “That would take care of that.”

“I want to, but James says no. He loves that dog and thinks my flowerbeds are a pain.” Barbara turned her hand up and looked at her nails. “Speaking of that, Lucille, do you think you can do something with my nails, too? I’ve just about ruined them pulling weeds.”

“Of course, honey.” Lucille finished her coffee and stood for work.


Whew! There was a lot of chatter this morning!

Check out Through The Wall for more on why Stephanie and Parker are shacking up together! And also, On The Fence for details on Shellie and Riley!

Nicolette IS coming to town, but I have a feeling this girl is going to be more than what Stephanie implies! Oh, she’s a study girl alright, but after several years of college, she’s about ready to have a little fun. In The Hay – Available Monday! (April 18, 2011)

(ps. Apple Blossom’s is for gossip only. Please do not post spoilers, but feel free to make up your own gossip and suspicions of things you’ve “heard”. You all know how gossip works *wink*. If Lucille likes your gossip–beware, she might share it next time!)

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Apple Blossom’s Beauty Parlor

The best gossip in Apple Trail can be found at….

“Lucille, honey. This apron is catching on my hair.” Charlene Watkins picked at her nape and then fluffed her apron forward over her knees. She looked to Barbara Gemtem who was five minutes into a color and if things progressed as usual, at least a quarter of an hour of having her ear talked off. Not that Barbara would have any problems with that. Charlene huffed and sat back. “I think Stephanie and Parker were bumping uglies when she was still married.”

Barbara closed her magazine. “I heard her ex, Jake, was cheating on Stephanie and that’s why they divorced. She and his friend Parker didn’t hook up until after the fact.”

“They may be saying one thing,” Charlene continued, “but doing something else. You remembered how he looked at her all the time.”

Lucille combed through Charlene’s  short cropped hair and trimmed the edges. “I know Stephanie, and I know that good girl wouldn’t have been cheating while she was still married. We all saw how devastated she was when she went through that divorce.”

“I didn’t see much of her for those first few months.” Barbara tapped on her chin. “She moved in with Parker immediately after the divorce, you know. No good could come of that.”

Charlene laughed. “Oh, I  just bet LOTS of good came out of moving in with him.”

Lucille shook her head. “That didn’t last but a week until Jimmy Netomyer had time to clean one of his vacant apartments. Then she moved out.”

“Again, they may have been saying one thing, but doing another.” Charlene admired her hair in the mirror. “Thin out some of this thick hair around my face this time, Lucille.” And the woman carried on without  missing a beat. “For all we know they were living in one apartment and had been together long before Stephanie got a divorce. She’s not from around here, remember? She was passing through from Fayetteville when she met Jake and stayed. I have cousins up there in that big town and they don’t all think right.”

“That’s because your cousins ain’t right,” Barbara clarified and the woman had a point. “Nothing to do with a big town.”

Lucille sighed. “I’m just saying, one of the sweetest memory I’ve got is from the day Parker walked in those glass front doors and begged me to make a house call to Stephanie. He gave me a key, paid me and told me good luck. I walked in Stephanie’s apartment and it was well lived in. By the looks of her, she had been living on her couch with nothing but Kleenex’s for blankets and chocolate and ice cream for food. It wasn’t the look of a woman happily in love and glad to be free from her ex to carry on with Parker.”

The corner of Barbara’s lips tipped up. “I didn’t know you made house calls. You mean I’ve been dragging myself in public with my gray roots when you would come to my house?”

Lucille looked over the top of her silver frames. “I don’t and it’d take me a lot to do it again. Poor girl, I had to peel her off the couch and all but drag her to the bathtub. Was like cleaning up a hundred twenty-five pound potato.”

“She was that out of it?” Charlene’s face softened.

Lucille chuckled. “She was until I ripped a strap of wax off her thigh. I tell you what, she woke up then and stayed awake.”

“Lydia Baker said she saw the two of the kissing in Parker’s garage when he was supposed to be changing oil three weeks before Stephanie split from her ex.”

“Uh-huh.” Lucille shook her head. “Isn’t Lydia Baker the one who was calling you a lesbian last summer cause you told Barbara her butt looked great in her Easter dress?”

Charlene groaned. “God, do not remind me.”

“So it may not be what it looks like.” Lucille moved around to the front and started with bangs. “I’m happy for them.”

Barbara nodded. “I agree. I just wish he’d marry the girl before she turns up pregnant. You know it’s only a matter of time since they’re shacking up together.”

Charlene lifted a brow. “I know. They’re Lydia’s neighbors. From what she says, a baby ain’t gonna be too far behind.”

“And on that, I think we can believe Lydia.” Lucille frowned. “Charlene, honey, I believe we need to take care of your eyebrows today too. Let me go heat my wax up.”

Gotta watch out for that gossip! If you want the real storybehind Parker and Stephanie, check out Through The Wall.

So what do you think? Newly divorced. Hooking up with her bestfriend’s ex. You KNOW there’s some good talking going on in the small town of Apple Trail. Gotta any juicy details to share on what you heard?

(ps. Apple Blossom’s is for gossip only. Please do not post spoilers, but feel free to make up your own gossip and suspicions of things you’ve “heard”. You all know how gossip works *wink*)

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