Sometimes y’all are so much better at this than me.

Okay, probably a lot of times. Want some honesty? I’m one of those authors who reads her reviews. I know, I know, some authors are all like NO!!!! but I do. I love to be flattered (joke. nevermind, I lie. I was being honest. I love flattery.). But really, I do read them because I love knowing what people think. It’s a part of people watching. And sometimes I come across great nuggets of things.

Things where readers say things SO MUCH BETTER than I ever could.

It would be hard to listen through a wall. When the person on the other side is who you really want.Peaches

So if you’re ever browsing my site, don’t be surprised to come across something you’ve said that I’ve linked back to. Because y’all are awesome like that. And that quote? It’s about my book Through The Wall, that’s FREE!