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Just a girl in love with a guy who doesn’t know she exists. The story of Lanie Lange’s life. She rescued Eriksen from drowning when they were teenagers, but she wasn’t supposed to be there. He suffered a head injury in the accident, and he doesn’t remember her involvement. Another woman took credit for her rescue. Eriksen’s back in town now, and Lanie is dying to tell him the truth about that night. There’s just one problem. She has no proof.

Eriksen Sanders got caught up in the moment and found himself married to the wrong person. Divorced and moved home, he’s aiming to get focused and help bring about the new vibe to Happily. Only there’s something about Lanie he can’t figure out. An unexplainable pull and gut feeling that he’s met the woman before. Determined to find out, he does his best to corner her for the truth, but she constantly slips through his fingers.

In the waters of Maiden Lake, they find common ground. There the secrets about more than either of them expect begin to unravel.

His Little Lanie is a small town contemporary romance retelling of the classic fairy tale, The Little Mermaid.


Chapter One

Lanie Lange pushed through the back entrance and winced at the loud scraping of the metal door against the frame. She had to make time to fix that thing. It was an instant headache for it to squawk first off every morning. Maybe next week she’d squeeze it in. Or today. She could finish it today, but ever since their business had relocated to this building, she found herself welding constantly now that she had space to create bigger items. By the end of the day, working on a door that was functional was the farthest thing from her mind.
Not to mention summer was around the corner. Lanie’s workspace area was a large garage bay that was formerly the home of a loading and unloading section of a department store. No air conditioning. Heavy long sleeves and jeans to protect her skin from flying pieces of hot metal in the middle of ninety-plus temperature meant Lanie would get ahead on work and deal with the door later.

She twisted her hair to a low bun and tugged her welding cap down. Today she would complete their latest item to grace their Happily On Your Shelf store. A combination hat and umbrella stand that was all twisty turns and elegant arms formed from a pile of crap Lanie had discovered in her family’s junkyard.

All the main pieces had been cut and bent yesterday. After she poured over measurements and double-checked fittings, she’d have it built by the end of the day. She flipped through her notes on the project when the door leading to the storefront swished open.

Violet, one of the three Happily On Your Shelf owners, walked in with a pep in her step and all the glowing warmth of a newlywed. “Good morning.”

Lanie sucked in another mouthful of coffee to face her friend’s sing-song voice. “Morning.”

“I have some new ideas.” Violet pulled some sheets from the crook of her elbow and held them out. Violet designed. Lanie built. Cindy, the third partner to their endeavor, polished and finalized.

When Violet married over winter, Lanie half expected the designs to slow. If anything, Violet’s happy nuptials had filled her creative well. On the upside, Violet’s imagination pushed Lanie’s boundaries of what she could bring to life. It wasn’t always easy to take a sketch and create a 3D piece of art out of it. Poor Cindy though was left to figure out the rest. Be it working through details to wire a clock, add lighting, or just paint, Cindy managed to complete each idea Violet dreamed up.

Sure, it was challenging at times, but Lanie enjoyed the work. Not just because she got to be in business with her friends. Or that they were succeeding. Or that the work was fun. Okay, it was all those things. Life turned up sweet on occasion. She looked at the papers Violet brought and eyed the detailed sketch of a coffee table. Lanie turned to another sheet and found an end table. Violet had created a few pieces of furniture over the years, but before Lanie could officially begin them, Violet ran through and snatched the drawings back to make changes. They had plans to eventually branch into more prominent pieces of home décor instead of just knickknacks and souvenirs. It was all part of the long-term rollout of their business.
Looked like Violet stripped some of the ornate design off a previous version and went back to rustic with notations to use polished copper with dark-stained wood. As with every piece Violet drew, this one was just as beautiful as the last. “Are you going to let me build any of this before you take them away again?”

“Probably not.”

Lanie held the papers up. “You know, these would look good in my cabin with the patio doors and kitchen counters we already did.”

Violet beamed. “I know. That’s what I was thinking of last night and had this idea. I thought, why not use copper for a top instead of glass sunken in? I went back and forth on how much design. At one point I had wrapped the legs with a sort of vine-like element to echo the glass doors we hung there, but it looked busy. And you have that nice thick mantel there that I thought the bareness of these legs stained dark to match would complement well.”

“So maybe let me build these and we actually complete this project to see how it goes?”

“That’s the idea.” Violet sighed and crossed her arms under her chest. “But I don’t know if you can talk Cindy into polishing the copper.”

True point. They had crafted beautiful countertops in the kitchen at the cabin as a test run. They were completely stunning and a bit of a pain to bring out the pattern. Lanie tapped the pages against her palm. “I could swap the copper out for a similar coloring plate to the wrought iron around the glass doors. The deep flat black against the dark wood would be pretty.”

Violet winced. “I thought about that too, but with the thick legs of the wood to match the mantel and a black top, I got a mental image of a railroad theme and couldn’t get the look out of my head.”

And now that Violet put it there, Lanie was stuck with it too. “Maybe oil-rubbed bronze? That would be close to the copper. Close enough anyway, since the kitchen is around the corner and they won’t be put side by side. I’ll have to let Cindy have a look and get her opinion.”


Lanie held the sheets away. “But once Cindy puts her two cents in and we make a decision about a final look, you don’t get to swipe these back. Just make new ones. Or tweak off one of the other hundreds of furniture ideas you’ve given.”

“It hasn’t been hundreds.”

Lanie stared her down until Violet caved.

Her friend sighed. “Maybe if you count the ideas I had since the very beginning, before we ever got moved into the new building.”

“I am.”

“You know,” Violet moved to the work table and shifted through the other project ideas that had been piled up and she came out with the daisy sketchy. “You could do another of these.”

Not on her life. Lanie plucked the sheet out and buried it back to the bottom. “No way. Get out, you. I have work to do.”

Violet left with a chuckle. “Have fun. I’m getting the front opened.”

“I’ll have your hat stand finished today if you want to give Cindy the heads-up for this afternoon.”

Violet gave a nod and a wave and disappeared back to where Lanie would just about rather die than be: the storefront. No. Definitely not. All the people, their questions. The smiling in the face of their slow browsing. No way. Lanie settled her welding hood on, knocked it down, and it sealed her into quiet darkness where it was just her and her thoughts.

Under the hood she found the peaceful solace that was only outdone by her quiet swims at Maiden Lake. In the waters she cut through the lake with a constant stream of thoughts and ideas. Here Lanie crouched, twisted, ducked, and brought art to life with each spark and hot run of her tools. The wire gun lit on the metal and caught. Heat swarmed across the front of her as she melted metal together. First tacks and adjustments to get the angles correct. Then she laid down a long ripple of welds. The rhythmic pattern slipped out like a row of overlapping nickels that could compete with a mechanical arm. Moving constantly and working through lunch, she attached the final arm of their decorative umbrella-combo-hat stand and stood back for a look.

Lanie couldn’t wait to see what Cindy would do for this. Cindy usually arrived about now to look at what needed her attention. Lanie knocked the crusted flakes off a weld and stretched. A string of pops zipped up her spine, and a long moan slid out. One more project down meant time to start another.

She could take a break and go for a walk, but that was too risky for running into people. Anyone, really, and all their talking and questions. The chitchat was just exhausting. The weather was fine. Or it was raining. Who cared? Yes, work was great or hard or whatever. Same for everyone. While she could suffer through a long, useless chat, mostly skipping that break and walk meant less opportunity to run into their business neighbors. Or at least one of them specifically.

Not that he knew she really existed. Well, he knew she was alive and all, but that wasn’t the same thing. To save herself from spilling the truth about his past that would paint her a crazy person, she pushed her oxygen tank hoses to the side, hung up her hood, and consulted Violet’s drawings to figure out what to work on next. At some point Violet must have come through the warehouse, because that damn daisy sculpture was back on top. Never. That thing required tacking together about seventy-five nails to create the bloom. Lanie had built exactly one of those and had no plans to repeat the meticulous process again. She returned the design to its rightful place at the bottom of the stack.

The side door by the garage bay opened with a booming scrape against the frame, instantly dragging up guilt for not fixing it yet. She brushed the worries aside like always. The door creaked and grunted as it closed. Before Cindy could say anything, Lanie waved without looking up. “I know, I know. It needs to be fixed.”

“Probably nothing a little W-D can’t take care of.” A male voice echoed in the room.

She stilled as the rumbling baritone sounds rolled over her, and she slowly turned to see it wasn’t Cindy. It was the one man who didn’t know she existed in the way she knew he existed.

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Limited Edition BIG BUNDLE!

Get the entire Apple Trail and Roughneck Series in one easy Limited Edition Bundle. Available now until May 2017 for only $5.99.

That’s over 300,000 words of small town contemporary romance all tucked in one easy place.

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Love is… A book for Charity!!

**NetGalley Users! Grab LOVE IS… now!**

On August fifth, the LOVE IS… anthology will release at e-tailers near you! A collection of 300,000 words, and more than 40 authors, covering all heat ranges and genres, there’s something in here to appeal to everyone. And all of the proceeds are going to charity — specifically, to:

Reach out and Read which prepares America’s youngest children to succeed in school by partnering with doctors to prescribe books and encourage families to read together.

Today, we are celebrating with a cover reveal for the anthology webring style. Participating authors are revealing the anthology cover, and ALSO sharing their individual story covers. (Individual stories may be released on their own at a later date.)

Anyone who comments on each of the blogs (listed here, at will be entered to win a copy of the anthology when it’s released. And one commentor here at my blog will ALSO be entered. So please, when you’re done looking at the covers here, click the link for the next author’s blog, or continue to The List to find more authors to visit. Thanks!

So, here they are: More

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Last Chance at .99 over Labor Day Weekend!

My .99 re-release sale is almost over! I’m extending it through the holiday weekend so don’t wait and grab In The Hay now!


It’s been a White Picket Fence life for Nicolette. Charming but tedious. She graduated high school, raring to go. Nothing is ever as easy Hay 677x1000as it seems, though. The fear of being stuck in a rut, living a dull day-to-day life, keeps Nicolette from settling on a career despite her six years of college. When the chance arrives for her to house sit, she takes opportunity by the horns for some playtime. She would finally experience life and find something to make her happy.

Drew knows exactly what he wants. To run the family construction business. Too bad his dad doesn’t think he’s ready. They make a deal: Drew will help his cousin put up a new fence and after he’s learned hard work, the construction business is his. Drew’s not sure why learning to string a fence together will see him suitable for a career of paper pushing, but he’ll do it.

When Drew meets the wanna-be-free-spirited Nicolette in the small town of Apple Trail, Arkansas, his determined thoughts of what he’s always worked for begins to sway. Nicolette’s finding the fun in life during their temporary relationship. After she gets a taste of what living is supposed to be, how will either of them walk away?

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Or maybe you’re new to Apple Trail and want to catch up in the cheapest and easiest (two of my favorite things!) way? Grab Through The Wall, On The Fence and In The Hay in this bundle for only $3.99!

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New Books! New Series! New Titles!!

If you haven’t seen the news yet, I am so stoked to say I sold a book to Carina Press! With any luck, they won’t realize what sort of redneck, hillbilly they have brought into their fold until I have at least several books in. If you’ve been around, yes, this is the book I’ve been talking about when I had been saying “I hope I’ll have news soon on something!”

What’s the new book about? I’m not sure what all I can share, so I’m going to keep this short. Country, small-town and Southern but the fun new part? it’s LONG!! Right now before we go into edits, it’s 90,000-words. Several readers have mentioned wanting me to go longer and I have listened! So I’d like to welcome you to the new town of Bella Warren, Arkansas. I’m going to take you to a small family run fruit and vegetable farm. There’s some romance, there’s some scared feelings about facing the past, and a lot of hope for the future!

I think everyone’s favorite part so far is the heroine, Kara, cans jam. I have to tell you, as a canner, I’m thrilled about that! I was afraid many would find it old-timeish and that’s sad because canning is so awesome. While my hero’s most important role (other than trying to sweet talk Kara!) is keeping the farm in shape and the produce growing, Wade also invents tractor parts. His family is like Henry Ford in the tractor world.

And the title? I don’t know. 🙂 I’m brainstorming some up now and that’s what started this post! Have you ever heard of It could just be me behind on the times, but I loaded part of my manuscript in there and it spit out this neat graphic!

(if you click the picture, it’ll be bigger). Well, I thought it was cool.

And I should point out that if you want to keep up with the lastest info on this new adventure, get some canning recipes, and get all the news on it the fastest–join my new newsletter! Just click here and sign up! (I’m not going to be flooding your mail every week. Just every now and then when I have something awesome to share!)

So. what do y’all think? And any title ideas off that graphic? By looking at that I’m getting Wade Backs Kara Just Like Time Wanted

maybe I should load a new set of words in?

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It’s Leanne Banks!

Ya’ll, I’m so stoked to have the very lovely, Leanne Banks here! Give her a warm welcome, you got it? Cause one of the commenters will pick up one of her books and you don’t want to miss that!


I’m so happy to be visiting the cyber home of our fab, sassy Keri!:) I met her before twitter, but have really enjoyed learning all about her cooking and writing and (shhhh) power outages via twitter. She’s so much fun, and she was very sweet to invite me to visit. I’m also a writer and my Harlequin Special Edition, A MAVERICK FOR CHRISTMAS, has just hit the stands. Squee! Toward the end of the book, hero Cade Pritchett FINALLY comes to his senses (bless his heart, men can be so slow), and professes his love to heroine Abby. He does this in a public place while standing on a table.

This got me to thinking about public proposals and professions of love. Did you hear the recent story about the couple who got engaged while traveling on the same Delta flight where they met years ago? Must confess, the video brought me to tears. At the same time, I can’t help thinking how awkward it could get if the woman said no. Yikes! And then there’s that fun commercial where the guy is using a sky writer message from an airplane, and the woman misses the first sighting so he has to race off to the next place to catch the plane. The young man who proposed to one of my family members set up a kind of scavenger hunt where she followed directions on cards until she found him on the third floor where he greeted her with roses and a diamond, then fixed dinner for her! That’s a winner in my eyes!

So here’s my question. What was your proposal like? Do you know anyone who had a public proposal? How did it work out? One responder will receive a copy of one of my single titles. I can’t wait to see your responses! xo, Leanne

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Forsaking Eternity by Voirey Linger

Friend and critique partner Voirey Linger has a new release you should definately be checking out!~~~~~There are some things an angel shouldn’t do…Renatus is a legalist and knows the rules better than most. But knowing the Law doesn’t stop him from imagining the press of a hard male body against his, or remembering one forbidden kiss that left him hungry for more. He leaves Heaven to mingle with mankind, hoping that satisfying curiosity will quell desire. He finds Adam, a college professor who has given up on love.Adam once dreamed of finding the perfect man and settling down. His dreams and trust were shattered when he found out the truth about his ex. Meeting Renatus seduces Adam into taking another chance on love. But Ren is keeping secrets, and the only promise he will make is that he will leave.Now the Most High has commanded Renatus to retrieve the Law of Men and Angels, and a vengeful demon is circling, waiting for her opportunity to strike. Staying is impossible, leaving unbearable, and Ren wants to succumb to temptation, forsaking eternity for a life on Earth with Adam.Available from Ellora’s Cave for $5.20. Forsaking Eternity is the sequel to Risking Eternity.“Where heavenly meets hot-Voirey Linger’s writing is diabolically good. Elegant writing, great sex scenes and the touch of an angel- I enjoyed this book immensely.” ~ Kate Pearce, author of Kiss of the Rose and the Simply series (on Risking Eternity)Voirey’s writing is the kind I love to savor–scorching sexual tension, high emotion, and enough gritty realism to her characters to make them completely unforgettable.~Louisa Edwards, author of Too Hot to Handle and Just One TasteRisking Eternity packs a punch with strong willed, unforgettable characters and fast paced conflict where the line between good and evil isn’t as clear as one might think.  A riveting debut novel and I look forward to reading more from Voirey Linger.~ Marguerite Labbe, author of Our Sacred Balance and My Heart is Within YouLinger’s angels epitomize sexual tension and make more than wings quiver!~ Inez Kelley, Author of Salome at Sunrise and Lipstick on His Collar (on Risking Eternity)“RISKING ETERNITY is a short work packed full of emotion and action. … For readers looking for a reprieve from vampires and werewolves, I recommend RISKING ETERNITY.”~Sapphire, Night Owl Reviews

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Pleasure Me, Baby!

Don’t forget the Pleasure Me With Romance blog event starts today with 35+ historical romance authors and bestsellers like Sabrina Jeffries, Madeline Hunter, Lorraine Heath, Lisa Valdez, Julianne MacLean, Sarah MacLean, Monica McCarty, Hannah Howell, Lucy Monroe and many more.And you won’t want to miss the upcoming two-part interview with JAYNE ANN KRENTZ (Amanda Quick)!!WHEN: January 17th through March 1stWHERE: CLICK ME!WHAT: Daily Giveaways and at end of the event a Grand Prize and two Second PrizesTWEET: #PleasureMeEvent

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